Are you looking for a burger competition close to home? You can take on the Big Bet Burger Challenge from Vernon Downs and Mr. G's Food and Spirits.

Here's how the challenge works: finish the Big Bet Burger platter and milk shake in 30 minutes, and you win. You win  a Mr. G’s "I Eat Like A Horse" t-shirt, and your meal free. You lose, you pay.  Here's how the challenge works:

1) Contestants will only have one half hour to finish the burger platter and milk shake. That means EVERYTHING on the plate.

2) Time will be kept by an official Mr. G’s employee. You won't be able to cheat on the clock!

3) Once the competiton has started, you are not allowed to leave the table. That means no bathroom breaks, no getting up and stretching, nothing!

4) No item of the burger platter may be dropped on the floor, or you are going to lose.

5) You must keep the food down, that means no throwing up, or having the food come back up.

Coming up on Wednesday April 12th, I will be competing in this challenge against Naomi from our sister station Lite 98.7. Who do you think will win, her or me? You can come cheer us on. The competition begins at 6:45PM. She's already trash talking, I think I can finish the food faster than her!



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