Valerie Harper, who has terminal cancer at age 74, brought everyone to tears and their feet on the premiere of 'Dancing With the Stars.'  'Glee' star Amber Riley also brought everyone to their feet with a dance you'd see on the finals, not week one and Bill Engvall proved he doesn't have two left feet.

Valerie brought her fighting spirit and was given two standing ovations, before and after her dance. When asked why she choose to take part she said, 'I was given a death sentence and here it is 8, 9 months later, way past my expiration date and I'm dancing. It's good to be alive and it's even better to be dancing.'

Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes Lewis on 'Glee,' proved she can do more than sing.  She can DANCE! After her full blown, high energy cha-cha, she received three 9's from the judges; the first time we've seen scores that high on week one!

Bill Engvall did better than anticipated, but he may not be around as long as the 5 weeks I originally predicted. Not because he's a bad dancer. Because the other dance are SO GOOD!  He may actually be sent home next Monday night. Bill Nye the Science Guy had the lowest score but his large fan base may keep him around awhile.  Engvall's only hope of staying is Keyshawn Johnson, who was disappointing, is sent home instead. He did get support from fellow comedian Larry the Cable Guy, sort of.

There seemed to be bigger stars in the audience than on the dance floor.  Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were there to cheer on their son Jack.  Jennifer Lopez was also in the crowd to support Leah Remini.

See who is eliminated Monday night at 8 on ABC.

Kellie Pickler Brings One Judge to Tears, Another to Their Feet With One of the Best Freestyles in 'Dancing With the Stars' History [VIDEO]

Kellie Pickler brought one judge to tears and another to their feet with one of the best freestyle dances I've ever seen on a 'Dancing with the Stars ' finale. Even though she and partner Derek Hough were given the option to super-size their dance, with extra dancers or special effects, they chose to strip it down and just dance.

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