I recently had the opportunity to visit Rutger Park on Rutger Street in Utica and tour Rutger Home number 3. History definitely come alive when you walk through the doors of the nearly 200 year old home. Staged to look like how it did when it was occupied, the beautiful architecture is still a sight to be seen, despite years of aging. Yes, although there are parts of the home that have aged and weathered more than others, all the houses in Rutger Park are definitely a gem to be seen in Utica.

And, the public actually has a chance to view these gems next week. It's part of the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica's "Picnic in the Park." On Saturday June 2 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., attendees will be given guided tours of Rutger Homes number 1 and 3 for $10, have a chance to view an art exhibit in Rutger Home number 4 for $2 and tour Rutger Home number 5 for $2. In addition to tours, there will be food, entertainment, vendors, artisans, a car show, and book signings.

I would like to share with you my tour of Rutger Home number 3 today as part of Zach's Weekly Snaps. This week's theme--Rutger Park.

  • Rutger Home Number 3

    Zach Effrog, Big Frog 104, Townsquare Media
  • Rutger Homes Numbers 4 and 5

    The yellow home is number 4 and the stone home is number 5.

  • Fireplace

    This is a picture of one of the many fireplaces in Rutger Home number 3. It is the first one to right when you walk in the door. **(The rest of the pictures below are from inside Rutger Home 3)**

  • Dining Room Fireplace

    What's a dining room without a fireplace, right?

  • Telephone

    Here is a telephone near where the home's large pantry is.

  • Kitchen

    The stove for the kitchen.

  • Heat

    I really liked this picture--a lot.

  • Narrow Room

    This room was pretty cool. It also had a nice view out of the window.

  • Dresser

    Those who know me, know I love round glasses. So, I couldn't resist taking this snap.

  • Reading Room

    Two chairs that sit next to the fireplace in the reading room.

  • Doorknob

    My favorite picture of the day. The doorknob had a pretty interesting design.

  • Chandelier

    Looking up into the chandelier.