A Utica native and his 2 best friends are transforming spaces for the world to see on reality TV.

James DeSantis, who now lives in New York City, is one third of Manscapers Landscaping. James, along with Garrett Magee and Melissa Brasier landscape spaces all across the Big Apple in 'Backyard Envy' on Bravo TV. The trio is branching out into the suburbs for Season 2.

Photo Credit - YouTube via Brave

Garrett is the plant specialist. Mel is the construction manager and James is the money man. Their exclusive exterior design and high-end landscaping firm specializes in reimagining city rooftops, terraces, suburban backyards and more.

Photo Credit - YouTube via Brave

Each episode of Backyard Envy follows the talented trio as they work to deliver a full outdoor renovation design, while dealing with strict deadlines and demanding clients.

Season 2 of Backyard Envy begins on Bravo at 10pm tonight (8/4/2020). Get a sneak peek of the new season in the video above.

Photo Credit - YouTube via Brave
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