Utica is among the ugliest cities in the U.S. It came in 8th on a list at prntly.com but it's not the atmosphere that's drawing attention. It's the people.

The article states, "It isn’t just the high crime rate, the poverty, and the falling apart buildings that put Utica on the ugly map, but it’s the people."

To add insult to injury the author, Dmitri Voltova gets specific. "Men are balding, fat, and use the least deodorant per person in the United States. The women have the worst dental hygiene, with the average woman brushing her teeth once a week."

I don't know about you, but I shower, use deodorant and brush my teeth once A DAY!

"One traveler described Utica as smelling of “rotting cabbage” and rotting mice," claims the Voltova.

All I'm smelling is a rat.

The article claims "leading journals, comments, and user’s votes have all factored in to our great countdown."

What leading journals? What comments? Who's votes? There are no references or links in the story to where the so called 'research' was found.

I'm guessing Voltova hasn't even set foot in Utica. If he had, he'd see the new construction, enjoy a Saranac beer or Utica greens and take in a Utica Comets game where he'd see all the beautiful people. Although those same people may not be as welcoming after reading what he had to write about them.

According to the site the author, 'Voltova was born in the USSR Russian SFR. He moved to the United States after the fall of the Soviet Union, and is a voice from the former communist empires.'

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