Have you seen the brand new New York State Lottery Powerball commercial? If you did, you may have noticed towards the end the shout out to Utica! If you've ever been downtown at the Triangle Coffee Shop, you will definitely recognize it in this advertisement.

First, Watch The Commercial:

Now, did you happen to catch the iconic "Utica Clock" near with the Triangle Coffee Shop behind it? This photo is from the SuperBowlToday YouTube Page.

SuperBowlToday via YouTube

Notice anything different about the little coffee shop? It's been converted into a bar, at least for the advertisement's purpose.

Let's Get A Better Look At The Triangle Coffee Shop via Google Maps:

Google Maps

That's it! An iconic building in downtown Utica in a Powerball Commercial!

Here's the clock right across the street:

Google Maps

How awesome is it that out of all the cities, towns, and villages in New York State, the lottery decided to use Utica? Pretty cool.


Turns out that the Triangle is not the only Utica location that got in on the Powerball commercial action. The film crew was also spotted along Varick Street. Do you recognize this bar?


That's O'Donnell's Pub!