Utica College celebrated April Fool's Day with a great prank on students who drive to school and have to use those little 'parking pass' stickers.

A memo sent out to all UC Students said that because the 'parking pass' stickers used are tough to see and can be missed by campus security, they would require all students to replace the stickers with 'moose antlers.'

That's taking their school motto 'fear the moose' to another lever.

The antlers would be applied to vehicles much like the 'reindeer kits' you can buy around Christmas time, and would obviously make your vehicle look ridiculous.

Utica College officials took the stunt as far as possible too.

The memo sent out to students was very official-looking and didn't reveal the prank until the very end of the note where if a student or parent had more questions they could click a link to more information.

The link then took them to a page that said 'Gotcha!'

Here's a copy of the letter from UticaCollege.edu:

Moose Antlers to Replace Campus Parking Decals
The new policy is effective April 2

Drivers who attend or work at Utica College will soon be trading in their parking decals for more noticeable indicators of their campus parking status: color-coded moose antlers.

The new policy is designed to streamline campus safety officers' work, according to Senior Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Management Jeffery Gates.

“The old window decals were hard to see, and officers were spending too much time examining individual cars on campus," he says. "But these antlers… well, you can’t miss them.”

The antlers, which are made from weather-resistant nylon and measure approximately 4-feet by 9-inches, are to be placed on either side of the driver and passenger doors. Blue, white, and orange antlers will indicate a driver’s status as student, commuter, or faculty/staff, respectively. Red antlers are reserved for drivers with outstanding tickets.

Student reaction to the change has been mixed. While some appreciate the additional opportunity to show Pioneer Pride, others find the antlers in poor taste.

“This is so ridiculous,” says senior April Pheulz. “My mustard-yellow PT Cruiser has never looked stupider.”

The new policy will take effect Monday, April 2. Drivers with vehicles currently registered with campus safety will be responsible for picking up and installing their antlers by midnight on Tuesday, April 3; after which, antler-less vehicles will be ticketed.

Learn more about the new policy here.

That's pretty thorough isn't it? I mean, to go as far as adding quotes from disgruntled students really makes it seem real doesn't it?

Fortunately, students won't have to replace their parking stickers with moose antlers, but they will have a great story about getting pranked by their entire school!

As a Utica College Alum, I can honestly say I'm proud of the Pioneer leadership for having some fun with the students.

Would you have fell for this?


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