Utica College has just announced their Fall 2020 Semester Reopening Plan.

Utica College set up a "Return to Campus Task Force" to build this plan safely for students and staff. They have been working for the past several weeks to develop a plan for students to return to campus on August 17th, 2020.

The Task Force has brought forward a series of recommendations to allow UC to reopen in a prepared and conscientious manner, while sustaining to the fullest extent possible the intimate learning experience that defines UC. These recommendations have been presented to and endorsed by the Utica College Board of Trustees, subject to New York State approval, and they will guide the reopening of campus and resumption of in-person activities, including classroom instruction, housing, dining, and intercollegiate athletics.

You can read the full plan online.

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Here's a look at some of the highlights:

1) All students, faculty, and staff will be required to undergo regular health self-screenings, including a temperature check. If a fever is detected, the individual will be directed to receive a COVID-19 infection test prior to engaging in campus-based activities.

2) In the event of a positive test or onset of symptoms, students will be transported by the College to the designated isolation space (Burrstone House). The student will remain in isolation per CDC isolation guidelines and will be assigned a case manager to assist in academic and other support coordination.

3) Students with any illness will be asked to notify the Student Health Center. Walk-ins will be prohibited in order to reduce possible exposures. A triage nurse or medical provider will speak with the student by phone if the student discloses any symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Students will be told to isolate until their same day appointment.

You can read the full plan online.


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