Need to upgrade storage facilities or equipment and handling trucks? The Farm Service Agency, an arm of the USDA, is offering low interest loans.
You're eligible for the money if you are purchasing new or used portable structures, equipment and storage and handling trucks. Building new or upgrading current storage facilities are eligible projects too.

The Farm Storage Facility Loan covers these crops:

• Grain Crops
• Malted Small Grains
• Pulse Crops
• Hay & Forages
• Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables
• Milk, Butter, Cheese & Yogurt
• Meat, Poultry (unprocessed) & Eggs
• Honey
• Maple sap & syrup
• Hops
• Floriculture
• Renewable biomass crops
• Some Aquaculture

Storage facilities include not just grain bins, cribs and bunkers, but also Milk Houses and equipment and sap tanks. The FSA website has more details about the Farm Storage Facility Loan or you can contact the local office, 441 South Salina Street in Syracuse. Call 315-477-6300.

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