Who wouldn't want to save some money on their taxes?  Based on the quality of the soil, you could apply for a reduction in your assessment.  Remi Link with Cornell Cooperative Extension has your first step.

If you are going to apply for an agricultural land value assessment, one requirement is a soil group worksheet completed by Oneida County Soil and Water Conservation District. In order to be eligible for the program the landowner must:

  • Own at least 10 acres of agricultural land
  • Have owned the farm for at least two years
  • Have gross profits of at least $10,000 from each of the past two years.

Land owners who rent their land to other farmers may also be eligible for a land tax reduction.  The worksheets cost 20 cents an acre and are done between December and March. You'll need to know your parcel identification number and approximate total acreage.  Get more information online or contact the district office at 315-736-3334.

SOURCE: Cornell Cooperative Extension - Remi Link

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