A little neighborly love can go a long way, and one upstate New Yorker showed his community a lot of love by turning his front lawn into a food drive during the pandemic.

Trevor Phillips in Watertown, New York set up a table and some coolers in his front yard with essentials for people to drop by and grab what they may need. From canned goods and dairy to bottled water and baby food, Phillips put it all out and advertised his front-lawn food drive on Facebook for friends to share.

Come help yourself. 223 Schley Drive. Bring your own bags or boxes to fill if you can. Please take what you need but understand that there are others in need too. Pet food and baby food are available. If you are looking to donate food, feel free to drop off today only 4/14. Thank you to my elves Josh Bedwell and Matt Dawley for the help setting up. Please share away.


Photo Credit - Trevor Phillips

In a time where it's easy to panic-buy and hoard (yes, it's still nearly impossible to find toilet paper...), this upstate New Yorker shared the wealth and brought love and light into his community. How amazing is that?!

Photo Credit - Trevor Phillips
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