One Upstate New York restaurant has caught our eye, all because of it's rather interesting menu selection.

No more need to be jealous of the kids menu when you go out to eat anymore. Bring the family, or just yourself, here and all your hot dog dreams will come true.

Credit - Two Hot Dogs via Facebook
Credit - Two Hot Dogs via Facebook

Two Hot Dogs - Watertown

The name says it all. It's a restaurant who sells primarily, and almost entirely, hot dogs. If you want to be technical, sausages are included too.

Located in Downtown Watertown, Two Hot Dogs just recently moved into it's new location at 71 Public Square. If you're looking for a unique place to at there when visiting, then this is it.

Credit - Two Hot Dogs via Facebook
Credit - Two Hot Dogs via Facebook

The menu is pretty straight forward. They have regular hot dogs and kids dogs, but then there's also chicken sausages to try as well. If you want to add some flare, try their Beefy Basa or the Big & Beefy combo.

You can also add-on your own favorites to your order. There's chili, cheese, and even grilled peppers & onions as options. Make it a full meal by adding chips and a drink.

Credit - Two Hot Dogs via Facebook
Credit - Two Hot Dogs via Facebook

Wanna know something even better? This is the best place to go if you get late night munchies... from just being hungry of course. The spot is open until 4AM every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Every other day the hours are 11am-11pm.

See what an Upstate New York food critic had to say about the place...

We hear you Lee, it's definitely worth a try! When's the last time you've ever seen a restaurant ONLY sell hot dogs?

The best part? It's a Veteran Owned Business. So not only will you be supporting a local business by stopping by, but you're also supporting past and present troops with every bite.

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