An upstate New York mother wants the dog that attacked her 3 year-old son to be put down.

Amanda Davenport of Watertown says a pitbull 'brutally attacked' her son Zhander while he was playing outside on their front porch, leaving him with possible permanent nerve damage. Zhander needed emergency surgery and over 80 stitches on the outside and hundreds on the inside to hold his face back together. "He now suffers for the rest of his life from this injury," says Amanda. "He currently has no movement on that side of his face because his nerve was severed and it's not promised to ever have active nerve again."

Zhander also suffered tear duct damage. "If he needs his tear duct repaired they will do another surgery to place a plastic tube down into his tear duct through the corner of his eye," says Amanda. "It will go down into his nose and be left there for 6 months and then removed through his nose."

The dog's owner, Micheal Lopez is currently in jail on drug charges, according to WWNY TV. While he's behind bars, Amanda says another woman is trying to re-home the dog on Facebook. "The dog isn't safe and should be put down. He does not deserve another chance."

After a police investigation, Zhander's aunt, Heather Lynn says there is justice for her nephew. "The dog is being put down. This dog attacked a child less then a year ago and then my nephew, leaving a long road of recovery for him. We do not want to see another child or adult harmed."

A GoFundMe has been set up to cover medical expenses and a benefit is being held at the American Legion in Watertown November 4th.

WARNING - some photos are graphic and may be disturbing.

Dog Mauls Boy


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