A Lowville couple is mourning the loss of their family pet after it was killed by the neighbor's dog, that has a history of aggressive behavior. They've now started a petition to have the dog taken away or put down.

Todd and Amber Friedersdorf say their dog Gunner was viciously attacked while tied up on his leash. "I ran outside and saw our neighbor’s dog Thor, who is a Pit Bull Terrier, violently shaking our dog," says Amber.

A neighbor heard Amber screaming and came to help. "When he ran up to Thor he dropped our dog and ran back to his yard," says Amber. "My dog was lying unresponsive and no longer breathing."

Amber Driedersdorf

The Friedersdorf's moved onto Park Avenue in Lowville October 1st. Amber says their neighbor Jacob Gearhart came over to introduce the family to his dog. "He let you know to never let our son wander into his yard because Thor is very protective & territorial of his property."

The attack has left Amber fearful of letting 4 year-old Vaughn outside to play. "Thor is tied up outside behind their house typically all day long. My son’s swing set is approx 20 feet from where Thor is kept."

This isn't the first time the dog has attacked someone or something. Amber says after an investigation she discovered there have been 3 bite reports in Lewis County since 2015 including Joseph Rice who says he "was bitten by it a few years back and his owner never reached out to see how I was doing."

Joseph Race

The Lewis County Public Health Agency even ordered the dog to be confined for 10 days in 2015 for biting another person.

The Friedersdorf's have started a petition asking the Village of Lowville and Animal Control to take action against the dog and it's owner by removing it or putting it down. "We deserve to feel safe in our home, on our property and in the community without the threat of repeated attacks on our pets. I want my son to be able to play outside again without worrying about another attack."