With all the recent coyote sightings in Rome, many Romans are taking action into their own hands. 

The group is designed for coyote sightings throughout the City of Rome. Raven Barry created the group to help keep others safe:

We Romans have to keep each other safe and aware of possible dangers in the city. Help look out for your fellow Romans by posting here in the group the time, location and direction the coyote was headed when you saw it.

The group urges you to still report all sightings to the DEC first.  The number for that is (315) 793-2554. This group is designed to track the coyotes and where the sightings are taking place.

Many are sharing stories on the page of dealing with the climbing problem:

Anthony: They're running rampant this year for some reason, I live out in Ava which naturally I expect to hear them. However just last week my wife came and woke me up at around 6am, she was out in the barn dealing with foster pups. And you could hear a coyote directly behind our barn, naturally I got up and grabbed the 12 gauge loaded it up and waited for her to finish with them. But I've never heard them that close before, way off in the distance but not close enough to scare my wife like that."

You can join the group and report any stories you have around Rome. The group currently has over 50 members, and the number is climbing.



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