If you've ever wondered where the best cities for Trick or Treating are in New York, they are right here in Upstate New York. According to a recent poll from Netflix, Upstate is one of the most popular places in the country to trick or treat.

A study on "Pause and Effect" compared the increase in paused viewing of TV shows and movies on Netflix October 31st. With that data, the study assumes most viewers were taking breaks to hand out candy for kids in costumes ringing their doorbells.

Tallahassee, Florida, saw the highest number of Netflix pauses her hour, followed by Binghamton, N.Y., at No. 2 and Watertown, N.Y., at No. 4. Lima, Ohio, and Hattiesburg-Laurel, Mississippi, rounded out the top five "Candy Capitals."

Binghamton came in at number 2, while Watertown checked in at number 4. The study also found the most popular time for trick-or-treaters is 7:29 p.m.