Have you ever wondered what your favorite Upstate New York landmark looked from an aerial view? Well, you don't need Google Earth anymore for that. Upstate Aerials is a local company that specializes in photographing some of Central New York's most iconic spots!

With the advent of drone technology, the art of photography has reached new heights (forgive the pun). These shots taken by Upstate Aerials show a side of Central New York rarely seen. The most incredible part is how recognizable the buildings and landmarks are, even though the photos are taken from above. Anyone can get a drone and take a photo, but it takes a real artistic eye to get shots THIS good!

Upstate Aerials specialize in drone and UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Photography and Videography. Utica natives Allen Stalker and Nick Betrus are the company founders and they have been around for just about a year. Allen Stalker says,

We are in the process of fully establishing ourselves and just working to get our name out there. We love the area and are happy to be providing a viewpoint most people don't get to see. From Utica to the Adirondacks we have a lot of opportunity to get amazing photos and videos all over NYS.

For more information on Upstate Aerials you can visit their Facebook page, or email them at info@upstateaerials.com. If you want to have your favorite spot photographed, these guys are the guys!

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