Bachelor goose Cappuccino is a bachelor no more! The folks at Moose River Farm in Old Forge have officially found their resident goose two female geese to mingle with.

We met Cappy earlier this month during a visit to Moose River Farm, where owner Anne Phinney said they were on-the-search for some female geese. Cappy was not accepted by the other geese on the farm and was starting to get lonely without friends of his own kind to hang out with.

Luckily, Phinney was able to find Merlot and Bianca. She picked up the 1-year-old Roman tufted geese from Waterville on Sunday, and so far, they've been quarantining and getting adjusted to their surroundings by themselves.

Courtesy of Moose River Farm


Cappy got to gander at them from afar, but he'll have to wait a few more days before his first official date with the girls.

Courtesy of Moose River Farm

We couldn't be more excited for Cappy and his new gaggle!

In addition to a variety of geese, Moose River Farm is home to friendly llamas, donkeys, horses, goats, a chicken named Heihei, and more. We visited the farm for a brunch event with llamas, but Moose River also offers llama treks and farm tours on a regular basis. Llama treks cost $25 per person and farm tours are $10 per person. And maybe by the time you visit the farm, Cappy, Merlot and Bianca will all be nice and adjusted to each other.

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