Breaking news from the F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica - last week's terrifying announcement that there will be a shortage of Utica Club has been cancelled!

Utica Club (sometimes affectionately referred to as 'Uncle Charlie' by fans) was facing a shortage for the summer of 2016 due to packaging issues, but now those troubles seem to have been resolved.

According to the official Utica Club Facebook page,

The Utica Club Shortage Of 2016 has officially been cancelled! Look for your favorite hometown hero sporting it's fancy new throwback packaging in your favorite beer store starting today. The re-design is a call back to the iconic 1930's oil can design that was in production the last time we raised and lighted a new sign on our roof so we decided to pay homage to a classic as we prepare to put up our brand new sign. Pick them up while you can and ‪#‎JoinTheClub‬!

Enjoy your Utica Club responsibly and have a great summer!

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