Gone are the days of having to give out your number to Uber drivers and passengers in order to connect before a pickup.

Uber just announced a new in-app chat feature, meaning you won't have to give the driver your number. Fairly often, riders and drivers will need to get in touch to smooth out pickup details like road closures, or exact pickup locations.

Now you can do all of that right inside the Uber app. Simply tap 'contact' and then 'chat.' When a driver gets a message it will be read out loud for safety reasons, and the driver can then text back or send a 'thumbs up' to let you know your message was received.

That means no more trying to figure out if that random number is your driver or a pesky bill collector.

It also makes recovering something you accidentally left in your Uber a heck of a lot less stressful.

You can read more about the new in-app chat feature from Uber at Uber.com.


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