Uber drivers can be your best friends getting you home safe after a night out on Varick Street. One Buffalo Uber driver is going viral for her random act of kindness.

Meet Lamiyah Jabbar. She drives for Uber in the city of Buffalo. WIVB reports that Jabbar recently picked up a woman named Diane who works at Tim Hortons. A simple conversation on the ride sparked the kindness:

Diane told Jabbar that she was waiting until Christmas to buy herself a new dress, house shoes, and a robe. Jabbar listened and Christmas came early."

After hearing this, Jabbar went to the mall and bought Diane a new dress and a $50 Visa card.

Jabbar dropped off the gifts at the Tim Hortons where Diane works on Elmwood Avenue. Diane said she was going to wait until Christmas to get her dress because she takes care of her grandchildren and doesn’t have much money left over for herself."

This driver didn't have to do that, but she did. Totally a nice gester.


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