Tyler Hubbard better watch out: His daughter Olivia has got some seriously good — or at least seriously adorable — dance moves!

The Florida Georgia Line member recently shared video of himself and Olivia, who will turn two in December, dancing on his tour bus. "We love our bus dance parties," Hubbard writes on Instagram, adding, "Pretty sure it won't be long and we're gunna have to find a better dance teacher ... for the both of us."

Olivia doesn't seem to mind her dad's "#dadmoves," though. She's all smiles as the pair bop along to Morgan Wallen's song "If I Know Me," even doing her version of the "finger guns" move back to Hubbard. Wallen noticed the pair's video, commenting that Olivia "has good taste in music," and adding, "Now can she teach me how to dance?"

Olivia is Hubbard and wife Hayley's first child, but she won't be their only kid for much longer. The couple is expecting their second baby, a boy named Luca, in August. The country star says he's excited to expand their family, but knows they could never be fully prepared.

"I think it’s one of those things you don’t really know how it’s gonna play out until it’s playing out," he admits. "I know we have an extra bunk on the bus for another baby, so we’ll just roll with it and see what happens ... Hopefully, it’ll make it easier than waiting too long to have another one."

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