Don't mess with Tyler Farr. He stopped his show mid-song and went 'Redneck Crazy' to break up a fight in the crowd.

In the NSFW video Farr says, "Y'all knock that sh** off. Quit that stupid-a** nonsense. Bunch of damn fools, bunch of boys. Knock it off. Get their a**es outta here."

Once security removed those responsible, Farr joked, "I remember my first beer."

Farr isn't the first country star to break up a fight. Chris Young did the same at his show in Glen Falls, New York, as did Luke Bryan in Tampa and Tim McGraw in Sacremento. It's sad to see young kids who can't handle their alcohol, but nice to know these guys won't put up with it.

Thanks to Bill Keeler for taking the video.

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