Chris Young fans be warned! Fighting won't be tolerated at one of his shows. Young stopped in the middle of performing 'You,' at a concert in Glens Falls, New York to break up a fight.

Two men starting fight in the crowd when Young told them to 'Cut it out fellas, there's kids in here. I don't care who started it. Both of you quit.'

Young then walked to the edge of the stage, gave a look, shook his head and made the two separate. When everything was under control Young told the crowd 'I don't even want them thrown out, as long as they quit trying to fight each other. Lets drink beer, have a good time alright?'

Class act Chris. Class act.

Young isn't the only artist to stop a show to break up a fight. Luke Bryan was a little more harsh at his Tampa show ‘anybody fights again, we’re gonna send you’re a** to jail. I know everybody’s drinkin’ and havin’ a good time, but we got a lot of children in here, we got a lot of country girls in here, and we don’t need no dangnum redneck meatheads beating the s— out of one another.’

No matter how it's done, a round of applause for any artist who doesn't tolerate fighting at their shows.

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