Tim McGraw don't take no crap at his concerts. He called out a few fans fighting in the crowd.

The moment was caught on video at concert in Sacremento. It starts with McGraw shaking his head, mouthing the word 'stupid' over and over. At the
1:43 mark, he calls them out in front of everyone. 'You stupid SOB, don't try starting a fight. Come on! I don't care if that's your girl. There's a kid right here. You're a grown man. Don't be an idiot. That goes for you too. It's country music man. We're havin' fun. We all pay good money, we all work hard. Just enjoy yourself. Shake hands, apologize and have a good time.'

After chewing out the fighting fans he brings the little girl on stage to sit beside him.

Not only are these guys stupid to fight at a concert with children around, but who'd want to go up against Tim McGraw. Have you seen those guns he's packing on both arms?

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