Just in the past week, two UFO sightings have been reported to MUFON that appear connected. One sighting was reported in Canastota, while the other was in Syracuse. 

UPDATE AS OF 5/10/2016 4:30PM

We have another report from the same night from Canastota with pictures and video. You can Click Here to see that.


Here's what both reports are saying:

REPORT 1- 05-07-2016 AT 9:06PM

This sighting was reported in Canastota.

As I was driving home I was about 3 miles out when I noticed what I thought to be tower lights and realizing that these weren't normal area lights because we live in a rural dark area I slowed down. Upon better inspection I realized these were sphere shaped objects just hovering in front of me. At that time I also realized all the hair on my body was standing up and all of my skin was full of goosebumps as I further inspected these objects I noticed that they were either surrounded by orange lights are they were on either sides of objects. They hovered for about 3 minutes and then vanished without any trace. They was very little cloud coverage and no noise. I have never witness anything like this nor have I ever had such an experience with the hair on my body. Having a hard time shaking this experience"


REPORT 2- 05-08-2016 3:30AM

This sighting was reported in Syracuse.

I was on my deck in my back yard at about 3:30 am on 5/8/16 when I looked up and noticed a bright red glowing orb moving SW towards my location. it was crossing the highway right behind my back yard and at first I thought it was a meteor. however as it got closer it started turning and by the time it passed directly over me it was heading west parallel to the highway. as far as I know meteors don't turn like that and there was no tail and no bright meteor type aura around it. when the object passed over me I could see it did not have running lights, wings, a tail, engines, propellers, rotors, skids, landing gear or any type of identifiable control surfaces as normally seen on aircraft. it also remained orb shaped and it not change in shape as it passed overhead.

Also as it passed over it was completely silent there was no sound of any kind indicating a jet or turbine engine was it's source of propulsion. it seemed to be moving very fast and appeared to accelerate as it turned. also it did not bank as normal aircraft do it simply turned while staying level to the ground. the motion can only be described as gliding, as if it wasn't actually being propelled by anything other than it's own momentum. it was very smooth and 100% consistent through out it's maneuver, it's acceleration while turning did not look like anything I've ever seen a conventional aircraft do before. the highway was empty at that time so there was no traffic to drown out the sound of an engine. in fact we have aircraft including helos pass over all the time during the day and you can hear them over the sound of traffic easily.

The orb was a bright but solid red/orange in color, it did not fade or blink and looked to be dense and solid. it did pulsate but the actual color never changed or faded it remained very intense and consistent.I strongly felt I was watching a mechanical object and not a ball of light. I followed it until it disappeared from view after passing over the NYS fairgrounds. when I went back inside the speakers for one of the laptops, despite being turned off and unplugged were emanating a lot static and some other sounds I could not identify. it wasn't until I went back inside that I realized the hair had been standing up on the back of my neck and I was a left feeling a little uneasy by what I just saw.

I have seen a lot of airplanes, I lived for 4 years right off the runway of Hancock airport in Syracuse. I've seen passenger jets of all sizes, helo's, drones and fighter jets (F-16's, F-15's and F-18's) and all I can say is I was left with the certainty that this was not any type of normal aircraft. I don't know what it was but deep down inside I feel certain that it was a UFO."



1) Both sightings deal with mysterious orbs. One report has multiples, while the other has a signal orb.

2) Both sightings share a similar colored orb.

3) Both sightings appeared to have caused zero sound in the air.


What Do You Think It Was?

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