Two Central New York iconic birds were rescued by New York Conservation Officers. An Eagle and a Great Blue Heron were saved in separate cases, with each presenting their own unique challenges.

The Great Blue Heron rescue also occurred in Onondaga County at the Seneca River Dam in Baldwinsville. The incident was obviously traumatizing for the Heron but may have been just as unsettling for a teenaged boy. The boy was fishing when the bird went after his bait. Not only did the Heron get hooked, but in the ensuing panic, it became entangled in the fishing line. An officer was able to untangle the mess and the bird immediately flew off.

Making for an even happier ending to what could have been such a tragic story, the boy's mother said her 14-year-old had spoken of a desire to become an Environmental Conservation Police Officer when he grows up. He already has one entertaining story.

The biggest challenge with saving the symbol of the United States was finding the Bald Eagle. Kayakers had reported seeing the injured bird on an undeveloped island on Cross Lake. But without specific information officers were unable to find it on the island. The following day another group of kayakers spotted the Eagle and were able to provide location details. More officers searched the island and found the injured eagle in a blown-down tree. It was a two-year-old female with a broken wrist. They were able to coax the bird into a cage, then transport it to the Cornell University Wildlife Health Center for X-rays and further evaluation.

DEC Eagle 1
DEC Eagle 2


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