Whenever you go out to a restaurant for lunch or dinner (or breakfast), it’s easy to overlook just how much work your waiter or waitress has to do.

Managing multiple tables, sometimes with as many as 8-10-12-15 people at one table, collecting food orders and checking in to make sure everything is going great for you and your party.

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Here in New York State, one of the more popular restaurant chains is Tully’s Good Times.

Tully’s is a casual sit-down restaurant chain that specializes in American style food with tons of televisions for sporting events. They have locations throughout Western and Central New York.

One waitress at one particular Tully’s is going viral for what is simply an incredible act in a dire situation.

According to a Facebook post, a customer at a Tully’s location in Fairmount, NY (near Syracuse) was about to start eating her food when she got a phone call from her father, telling her that her house was on fire.

She told her waitress Valerie that she had to leave for an emergency and couldn’t eat her food.

An hour or so later, a car pulled up to the woman’s home…it was Valerie with the woman’s order (made fresh) and extra food as well.

The woman’s father posted on Facebook about trying to find Valerie to say “thank you” and to let the world know her act of kindness. It was not a good day but Valerie’s act was incredibly thoughtful and overwhelming.

Tullys’s shared the story on their Facebook page.

That is one of the most amazing acts of kindness I’ve ever heard about and truly proves there are great people still in this world.

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