Meet U.S. Air Force veteran Corey Christman and his wife Jennifer. They are the founders of Bravery Wines and have dedicated their lives to being advocates for the military, Veteran and First Responder communities.

Christman is a retired USAF Special Agent and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Christman’s wife, Jennifer, has dedicated her personal and business endeavors to serving veterans, their family members and caregivers. According to PR Web, she is considered a go-to national expert on mental health solutions and veteran resources and serves on several national boards, including the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Shortly after Christman retired from the U.S. Air Force, he started his professional winemaking journey. Christman even took winemaking operations courses at Washington State University in 2014. This is where he met owners of Anthony Road Wine Company, John and Ann Martini, and head winemaker, Peter Becraft. Christman continued his wine education and worked side by side with Becraft to expand his winemaking skills.

“Jennifer and I were married at Anthony Road Wine Company on Veterans Day in 2017, so when we started our brand, we wanted to partner with the Martini Family and Peter Becraft,” said Corey Christman.

Bravery Wines is available for purchase online and can be shipped to 37 U.S. states. Every purchase from Bravery Wines will result in a contribution of at least $2 per bottle to the fund that supports injured service members and their families.

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Here's A Look At Their Wines:

1) 2017 Cabernet Franc: a fruit forward wine with beautiful hints of cherry, pepper and lightly oaked.

2) 2019 Riesling: a powerhouse off-dry wine with hints of citrus, tangerine, green apple with balanced acidity and residual sugar.

3) White blend: a Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris white blend considered dry to off-dry but not semi-dry. This wine is fantastic with or without food and an exceptional option for those wanting a white wine with great balance.

4) 2019 Vignoles: a Martini Vineyards varietal grown for over 25 years, this fantastic wine possesses great balance between acidity and residual sugar. Citrus, honey and a hint of orange are just a few of the mouthwatering flavors you will experience. This wine is considered semi-dry to semi-sweet.

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