It's time to take a hike for the last time this year. A beautiful scenic trail in Central New York only opens twice; once in the spring and once in the fall.

Trenton Falls Scenic Trails will be opening for hikes for one weekend only in September.

Eric Meier/TSM
Eric Meier/TSM

Scenic Trails Open in September

This year the Trenton Falls scenic trails open on the weekend of Saturday, September 16, and Sunday, September 17 from 9 AM to 5 PM.

A section from the high falls to the dam will not be open though due to damage from rock slides over the years.

"It will most likely never be open again unless someone with deep pockets comes to the rescue," Holland Patent historian Michael Parker said. "But the rest of the trails are a great treat."

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Credit - Michael Parker
Credit - Michael Parker

Two Trails

There are two paths you can hike along Trenton Falls. The main trail leads to the Hydro Dam overlook. The secondary trails allow you to experience nature and scenic vistas along the gorge with informational panels at points of historical interest.

Parking attendants to trail guide volunteers are needed. If you'd like to help during the September 16/17 weekend you can call Anne Getbehead at 315-865-6303.

Scenic Trenton Falls Only Open Two Weekends Every Year

Trenton Falls scenic trails are only open to the public on two weekends every year.

Trenton Falls History

John Sherman discovered Trenton Falls in 1805. He built a resort for the upper class but the was later destroyed and power companies took over, closing the falls to the public for 100 years, according to Wikipedia.

"Utica Electric Light & Power Company received the Hotel and surrounding land in 1897. Because of the creation of hydroelectric powerhouse and the dam in 1899, the City of Utica, New York was able to receive electricity from Trenton Falls in 1901."

The falls were used to produce hydro-generated electricity beginning in the early twentieth century and continue to do so today.

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