A good sense of humor is very attractive. There are a number of country stars who make women swoon, but there are only a few who can make you laugh too. Here's our top 5 funniest men in country music. And they are all easy on the eyes too.

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    Blake Shelton

    Blake Shelton, hands down, is one of the funniest men, not just in country music. I'm sure his wife Miranda Lambert would agree. His Twitter posts are legendary and have sometimes gotten into trouble, with his bosses and his wife. He's hosted awards shows and he's a judge on the second season of 'The Voice' on NBC. I laugh every time I watch. You never know what Blake is going to say or do, to the fascination of fans and the fear of TV producers. Blake often records short, funny videos on his website. This is his 6 inappropriate Valentines. Classic Blake!

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    Brad Paisley

    Brad Paisley's sense of humor comes across in a number of his songs. From 'Alcohol' to 'Ticks.' He's hosted the awards show with Carrie Underwood for a number of years. Brad is also the King of road pranks. He's pulled one on almost every opening act on his tours over the years. Most retaliate, but none like Jewel, who had Brad arrested when his plane pulled into Nashville. They say revenge is sweet.

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    Bigg Vinny of Trailer Choir

    FrogFest favorite, Bigg Vinny of Trailer Choir is one of the funniest guys I've had the privileged to meet. I don't think I've ever seen him serious. Well, expect for when he was focused on losing weight on 'The Biggest Loser.' He lost 184 pounds but didn't lose his sense of humor.  The big question now is, can he still do the worm?  Better and higher than ever before.  Or so I've been told.  Watch him do the worm all the way down a hill while at a stop in Detroit.  I wonder how much dirt he ate?

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    Trace Adkins

    Trace Adkins is tall, dark, handsome and funny. You wouldn't know it just looking at him, but then again he did sing 'Honka Tonk Badonkadonk.' Trace has a dry sense of humor. He appeared on 'Celebrity Apprentice' and showed not only how funny he was but his brilliance as well. He made it to the finals and was robbed when he lost to Piers Morgan. I thought he should have won. If you missed his season, see how funny he can be in a new commercial with Kyle Petty.

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    Roy Clark

    If Roy Clark's singing career had failed, he could've been a comedian. Roy appeared on the TV show 'Hee Haw' for a number of years. He sang and told jokes with Buck Owens.

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    Watch backstage bloopers with a number of country stars including Brad, Trace and Blake. All proof these guys are the funniest in country music

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