Mother's Day is the Sunday, and for those of use thinking about gifts for the moms in our families, here is a little help. While all mothers are not alike, according to this one source, here are 10 sure fire gifts that most moms would like.

If you haven't gotten that special mom (or moms) in your family a gift yet, and are stumped as to what to get, check out this top 10 list of Mother's Day gift ideas by Kristina Skorbach, Epcoh Times on

"1. You can never go wrong with flowers and a card.

2. If your mom is the stay-at-home type, get her something for the kitchen, because that’s typically the place they spend most of their time anyway, and that’s where they like to see some changes.

3. If your mom likes to stay active, why not get her a beautiful bike. Or if she already has one, you can get her some accessories to go with it.

4. If your mom is old school and likes music, you can get her a rustic phonograph, complete with vinyls of her favorite 70s or 80s musicians.

5. Mom’s always love personalized gifts that make them feel like you really put thought into it, so a personalized matching bracelet might be the way to go.

6. Mom’s always like to reminisce and remember the good ol’ days when their kids used to give them hugs and kisses and were always around. So why not go pick out an old photo of a precious moment you shared with your mom when you were little, blow it up into a big poster, and frame it.

7. If your mother is an outdoor enthusiast, how about getting her some gardening tools.

8. If you have time to spare, you can of course venture to try and make a gift from scratch. Food sometimes does the trick, especially a really nice 3-course meal. Or you can go the crafts route, and make a card, make a photo album, or a quilt!

9. If your mother is a collector of sorts, get her a nice jewelry box, or a keepsake box where she can store photos or other memorabilia.

10. You can give your mother some homemade coupons that will allow her to claim spending quality time with you."

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