We all like to push our luck... but can we actually go too far sometimes?

Every single winter, we Central New Yorkers face the same predicament... When should I put on my snow tires?

Whether you're pushing it off until "it gets worse", or you think your car will be fine in the snow, we've all dealt with the contemplation of when to put the snow tires on. At some point we have to face the lights... and realize they have to go on.

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Credit - Bilanol
Credit - Bilanol

All-Season Tires: Jacks of All Trades OR Masters of None?

Let's start with the heroes of the everyday drive – the all-season tires. These trusty companions are like the Swiss Army knives of the tire world. They're designed to handle a bit of everything: rain, shine, mild snow, and the occasional gravel adventure.

They're a compromise, offering decent performance in various conditions, but here's the catch – they're not specialists in any.

According to Nimey's New Generation Cars, when the mercury starts to drop, all-season tires can start feeling like your sneakers on an icy sidewalk... a bit out of their element. They might provide reasonable traction, but when it comes to deep snow and ice, they're not exactly champions.

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Ziga Plahutar from Getty Images Signature
Ziga Plahutar from Getty Images Signature

Why Should You Make the Switch to Snow Tires?

Winter Wonderland Grip: Snow tires are your secret weapon against the slippery surprises winter throws at you. Whether it's navigating through a snowstorm or gracefully gliding over an ice-covered road, snow tires are designed to keep you in control.

Braking Brilliance: When it comes to stopping on a dime, snow tires outshine their all-season counterparts. The enhanced traction means shorter stopping distances, a feature that can make all the difference in a sudden winter slowdown.

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Cornering Confidence: Ever felt your heart skip a beat when taking a winter turn? Snow tires provide the stability and control you need to handle corners with finesse, making your winter drive a breeze.

Safety First: Driving in winter conditions can be unpredictable. Snow tires are your ticket to a safer journey, reducing the risk of skidding and increasing overall vehicle stability.

KarenMassier from Getty Images Signature
KarenMassier from Getty Images Signature

So to answer your question... it's never too late to put on your snow tires during the winter season. The longer you wait, the harder it might be to get your car in before the snow really hits... but having them on is better than not at all.

The only time it's too late is when the snow starts to melt. If you made it that far... I think you can wait until next year!

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