It's way too early for spring cleaning (thank goodness), but we still like to live in a clean home. Now, a new survey indicates that if you keep a rather untidy house, your guests will notice.


According to Good Housekeeping magazine, here are the top five untidy things guests say they notice when visiting your home. To be fair, with each one of these complaints, I'm offering a logical excuse.

1. Piles of mail (Hey, it's not your fault if you get too many bills and junk mail).

2. Dust clumps and cobwebs (If you were a little taller, you could get those)

3. Messy bathrooms (A fact of life if there are kids still at home)

4. Dirty dishes in the sink (The dishwasher's on the bum)?

5. Overflowing trash cans (Maybe you're just recycling conscious)

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