Here in Central New York, spring has sprung. Is your yard looking like it's covered with moss? This is pretty easy for you to get rid of.

First off, don't worry thinking moss is a big weed on your property. According to LawnCare.About, moss is not always considered a weed. However, it isn't the nicest looking thing on your steps or backyard. Here's a 'green' recipe for an effective moss killer:

- 4 ounces Ultra Dawn liquid dish soap
- 1 gallon water

Directions: Gently mix contents in a 1-2 gallon hand sprayer. Holding the spray nozzle a couple of inches from the target, drench moss with solution. Moss will turn orange/brown in 24 hrs and eventually dry up while the surrounding grass takes over.

Keep in mind, this solution may be temporary. Where your yard is, moss is likely to return. This method will help for now, and at least make things look nicer. This is also a safe method to clean it up.

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