Have you ever wondered how often you should clean your oven in the kitchen? The answer isn't as much as you would imagine, but you do need to clean it. 

Green cleaning expert Leslie Reichert recommend that you should clean your oven every three to six months. This should also include your oven rack, and knobs.

Today.com provided a safe way to clean your oven:


- Baking soda
- Vinegar in a spray bottle
- Water
- Sponge


1) Sprinkle the base of the oven with baking soda.
2) Spray vinegar over the baking soda until it produces a light foam.
3) Apply a paste of baking soda and water to soiled areas on the sides of the oven.
4) Spray the applied paste with vinegar.
5) Allow all this to sit overnight.
6) Wipe clean in the morning!"

They also provided great tips for knobs and other parts too that you can read here.


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