Aside from the standard lines of "your butt looks big in those jeans" or "are you starting to loose a little hair," there are certain things you should NEVER say to your significant other. Tim Hawkins runs down a litany of those famous lines in this hilarious video set to the music of, "Time of Your Life."

Watching this got Polly and I talking about "trigger words." Rather than an entire sentence, it's one or two words that can fire up your significant other.

In our house "yes, Ma'am, " will bring Polly off the couch no matter what TV show is on. My trigger word is "Boss." It happens in the drive-up frequently, sometimes while shopping for a big ticket item, the salesperson will say it to me. It almost always insures no tip or no sale.

Are there words or phrases that are you sure to set you off or your better half?


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