There's mystery surrounding s dead bear found near Syracuse. And it has Central New York Residents and officials scratching their heads. Several commuters on I-481 N reported seeing a black lump along the road and not far from Smith Road Elementary in Cicero. Police confirmed it, but now the New York Department of Environmental Conservation can't find the carcass.

Mike Lillis of Cicero shared parts of the story on his Facebook page. Lillis has been searching for his missing dog, noticing the bear beside the highway he stopped to investigate and took a photo. Other morning commuters contacted police and the DEC. Responding to the reports, officers moved the bears' body away from the road, but now the DEC says the remains are missing.

According to, using some evidence and photos authorities determined the bear was a male about 1 or 2 years old. And while it's unusual to see bears in Onondaga County, young males do have a tendency to roam.


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