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The Most Important 'Back to School' Supply You Will Buy
Forget the pens, the sneakers, or other school supply items. The most important 'Back to School' product you will purchase for your child this year is their backpack. Not many parents think about this, but choosing the right book bag is the key to keeping your developing child healthy.
The Ultimate Guide To A Safe And Fun July 4th Weekend
One of the best weekends of the summer is 4th of July weekend. While celebrating our nation's birthday Americans partake in fun activities including barbecues, camping, swimming, and of course fireworks. Whether you're grilling, enjoying a backyard or camp fire, or setting off fireworks safety is al…
Whitesboro Man Falls Victim to Expensive Scam
It seems like every time you turn around there is a new scam threatening your security and your wallet. For Chris Damiano of Whitesboro it cost him some serious scratch. Chris is a school custodian and he recently found himself a victim of a pretty sophisticated email con. You can never be too caref…
Active Rental Scam On Utica Craigslist Page
If something seems too good to be true, it unfortunately usually is. On the Utica Craigslist page is a listing for a beautiful home in South Utica for rent at an unbelievable price. That is because it is a clear cut scam. These people use clever tricks to try and steal people's hard earned money and…

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