On a hot, summer-like day like today, it's hard not for one's mind to wander and think about all the yard work they have to do and the length of the grass. Well, at least that's what my mind thought about today. Now that the spring season seems to be in full swing, although I wouldn't rule out a snowstorm, it's time to think about keeping those lawns and gardens healthy. And, thanks to advice from Troy-Built, a manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, we have some tips to keep our yards the talk of the neighborhood.

According to a press release by Troy-Built, the company suggests these five tips for a healthier looking yard and garden this year:

  • Don't plant annuals or fruit- or berry-producing plants early.
  • Begin pest and insect control earlier than usual.
  • Protect ornamental bushes and shrubs that are out of their native range.
  • Begin weed maintenance earlier than usual.
  • Stay off the lawn, and resist the urge to cut the grass too short too early!

If you'd like to read more about keeping your lawn and garden looking in tip-top shape, click here to check out the whole press release.

How do you keep your lawn looking its best?

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