I ran into Scott Cook from Heron Creek Golf Club over the weekend. As you may guess we talked about golf. Scott says for the last several years they have opened for golf by April 15. And the experts would seem to agree with that prediction.

The experts are a couple of professors, from Cornell University, using some previous studies as well as their own to develop a new weather tool called, Springcasting. First, they defined spring as when the lilacs and honeysuckle began to grow leaves.

Then they crunched the data from NOAA and sprinkled in some of their own statistics and came up with two predictions. Would spring be early or late in 2018 and what date it would occur? So here is the expert prediction for when Scott and I will be beating golf balls into ponds and weeds.

The forecast says spring 2018 in Central New York will be  5 - 10 days late. We'll start to see some spring-like glimpses April 1. It'll be sketchy through April 20 with full-blown spring not starting until May 1. As another of my friends used to say, don't forget May is followed by June-uary.

You can check out their prediction maps, and all the scientific jargon used to derive their predictions at Cornell's website.


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