Ever since The Utica Comets joined the AHL, the Syracuse Crunch quickly became their biggest rival. Some rivalries are friendly, but this one sometimes can get pretty serious. The big story after last year's season was the jersey bet between Comets President Rob Esche and Crunch President Howard Dolgon. Now the big story this post-season is the reconfiguration of the AHL Conferences which now puts Syracuse and Utica in the same division! This has caused some serious Twitter smack talk!

Then, the AHL had to step in and get invlolved!

Then, the Comets continued the beating for a little while before eventually letting off.

I think we know who won that Twitter war!! With the new reconfiguration of the AHL Conferences, we will not only share a division with The Crunch, but also Albany, Binghamton, Rochester, Toronto, and the St. John's Ice Caps. The good news is that the Comets will continue their affiliation with the Vancouver Canucks, which means roster changes will be kept to a minimum. This newly organized Eastern Conference North Division will make for some really exciting hockey and even more exciting rivalries. The one main focus now is to enter that new division next year as defending Calder Cup Champions! Go Comets!!!