What is the Christmas tradition in your home? Do you go for the gifts under the tree first or stockings hung by the chimney with care? No matter when you go to the stocking Santa is always looking for the best ideas for stocking stuffers. What ARE the best items you can put in a stocking? I have ten of the best items to consider.

10. Candy

Chocolate candy pattern
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Now this may be an obvious choice, but come on who doesn't love candy? Whether it be chocolate or starbursts a little sugar never tasted as good as from out of an old sock!

9. Razors/Shaving Cream

Young woman with shaving foam on face.

This is not just a good idea for men. Women shave too and their razors cost just as much, if not more, than men's. In both cases the price to stay groomed is outrageous and this would definitely be an appreciated gift idea.

8. Hand Sanitizer To-Go


This is the germaphobe's dream gift. Many people handle all sorts of dirty things every single day including children, money, or bodily fluids (nurses, doctors, etc.). This is the ideal way to stay healthy and happy during the holidays.

7. Hair Ties/Clips (For Men & Women)

Woman cutting her pigtails

If you haven't been asked by a woman before, "Hey, Do you have a hair tie or rubber band?" Then you probably have never interacted with a woman. It is a great need and with all the guys that have long hair now-a-days, it's just as common for them to be in need as well.

6. Deodorant, Cologne, or Perfume

Assorted Perfume Bottles
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Another item that is expensive is stuff to make yourself smell good. It pays to smell good, but you gotta pay big to do it! Even young kids need to learn to take care of themselves.

5. CDs

Woman holding a cd while listening music
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You know...those round things that are shiny on one side and play music! It may seem like a thing of the past, but many cars on the road today have CD players in them and this is the perfect gift for any music fan, especially one that travels a lot.

4. Lipstick, Makeup, or Chapstick

Bad day

What many men and people who don't use makeup don't realize is that IT IS EXPENSIVE!! So how about a few things of eye liner, lipstick, and even for kids and guys a stick of Chapstick. Chapped lips in the Winter are awful!

3. Batteries


Don't you just love when you receive that amazing gift, but need four 'D' batteries to use it? The three worst words this holiday season, other than "The Beer's Gone," are "Batteries Not Included." The stocking is the perfect place to put this 'part 2' gift inside.

2. Miniature Liquor Bottles

McTear's Rare Whiskey Auction
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For those that love to add a little something to their coffee, morning orange juice, or their mouth this is the ideal gift idea to put in the stocking. In some cases drinking is unfortunately a necessity to get through holiday gatherings.

1. Gift Cards/Money

Gift Card

There is no better gift to give someone then the gift of allowing them to buy their OWN GIFT!! Take the thought of "Will he/she like it?" out of the equation entirely. Pick their favorite store, get a Visa gift card, or just cold hard cash and there will be 0% of disappointment and it will help prevent long lines at customer service for returns in the days following.

So there you have it! You need some good stocking stuffer ideas? I just gave you ten. Just remember when you fill a stocking, FILL IT! You should have gifts pouring out of the top. It just makes the whole experience of ripping it off the mantle and pouring out the contents a lot more exciting.

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