If you are looking for the perfect beer lover's countdown to Christmas, how about this awesome 24-pack from 'Beer Here' in New Hartford. Don't suffer through almost a whole month's supply of disgusting chocolate behind cardboard flaps. Enjoy this unique way of looking forward to December 25th.

Brett Levitt is the founder and owner of 'Beer Here' on Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford and he came up with this fun way to get in the Christmas drinking spirit! Levitt says,

The idea behind the advent calendar box started a couple weeks ago when
a customer asked if we would consider doing one. We are always looking
for different things to offer our customers and thought it would be a
fun way to let people try a lot of different beers. With the help of my
wife who wrapped all the boxes herself since I have horrible wrapping
skills, we made up a couple boxes and promoted on Facebook. We were
amazed at the quick response and have spent the last several nights
making up additional calendar boxes since orders are still coming in.

It's not too late to order your calendar. In fact, the later you order the more beer you have to drink to catch up which is always a plus! The best part about these customized count-downs is the fact that they will cater to the beer lover's craft beer preferences. If you prefer IPAs then they will include brews on the hoppy side. It also works the same way with what you don't like. Tell them, "I'm not crazy about porters" and the dark beers will be excluded. If you like it all, then just tell them that and you can look forward to 24 days of new surprises. This is the perfect holiday gift idea and one that is unlike any that has been seen before.

If you would like to order your 'Beer Here' Advent Calendar call them at 315-316-0723 or visit them at 8411 Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford. They cost $85 but I guarantee the one you give it to will love it!

This Is What You Can Look Forward To:

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