The Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension hit for the cycle with the 4th in a series of growing your own herbs.  This we get schooled on Thyme, what could be called the Super Herb. 

Thyme not only brings it's own flavor to many foods, stews and soups, but offers many medicinal benefits too.  According to, some research shows thyme as a better acne fighter than most medicinal creams.  It's a common ingredient in potpourri's, aroma therapy and herbal mouthwashes and toothpaste.  In the garden, it also repels moths and beetles while bringing in bees to assist with pollination.

The Master Gardeners say it can be grown from seeds, plant cuttings or root sections and thrives in a well-drained soil, in full sun.  And making it perfect for CNY, Thyme tolerates drought well and can handle deep freezes.

Get more information on growing thyme, other herbs and garden vegetables with fact sheets at Cornell Cooperative Extension's website or call the Horticulture Hot Line at 315-736-3394 between 9 and noon Wednesday and Fridays.

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