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Do Your Kids Think Cheese Comes from a Plant
During one of our "Are You Smarter Than Polly" contests we learned 1 in 4 teens think cheese comes from a plant. Even more thought tomatoes grew underground. Understanding how and where their food comes from, is an important part of a child's development. The Master Gardeners …
Check Your Trees Tent Caterpillars May Be Back
It's like the "which came first joke" the chicken or the egg. Tent caterpillars come from Gypsy Moths or become them anyway. The Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension have noticed a few on the apple trees and suggest you check your trees too.
Add Variety to Your Landscape with Tulips
They say no two snowflakes are alike and you could nearly say the same thing about tulips.  Few flowers come in a bigger variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension have some tips on growing them.
Fall Gardening Work Pays Off as Hyacinth’s Bloom
One of spring's early beauties are beginning to show their colors.  Hyacinth's are usually planted in the fall and not only bring early colors, but great fragrances outdoors and indoors.  The Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension say they make a great gift t…
Hens and Chickens A Plant That Will Grow in Any Soil
A portion of our front lawn was once the road, so even getting weeds to grow is challenging.  If you have a similar situation in your lawn or garden, the Master Gardeners at Cornell Cooperative Extension say you should meet Hens and Chicken.  Not the animal, the plant.

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