Chef Anne Burrell is about to launch a one of a kind restaurant in New York. The Spotted Cheetah Cheetos restaurant is coming to the Big Apple. 

This Cheetos restaurant is opening up for three days only: August 15th - August 17th. You need to make reservations to enjoy this cheesy menu.

So why in the world are we about to open a Cheetos place? Anne Burrell is a big fan for cheesy, crunchy and downright delicious food.

After years of cooking up dishes infused with my cheesy snacks, I was over the moon to discover that Cheetos connoisseurs had started sharing and liking their own. All of the Cheetos sushi rolls, Cheetos bagels and cheesy Cheetos pizzas gave me a brilliant idea: recruit the most dangerously cheesy celebrity chef, Anne Burrell, to help elevate my almost-purrfect Cheetos recipes for the very first Cheetos restaurant, The Spotted Cheetah."

The menu consist of Cheetos meatballs, flamin hot limon chicken tacos, and even items like a cheetos cheesecake. No word if this style of restaurant will be a permanent one, or if it will make it's way upstate to Central New York.



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