Beware of 809, 284, 649, or 876 area codes popping up on your phone. It could be the latest scam that may cost you.

This scam works with a message telling you to call a number to collect a prize, find out information about a sick relative or any other crazy idea they can come with to make you call back. The trick is - the area code is often outside the U.S and international rates apply. And you won't know until you get your monthly bill.

To avoid being charged, don't return calls to numbers you don't know, especially with 809, 284, 649 or 876 area codes.

AT&T recommends calling directory assistance to check the area code location, or just Google it.

Always check your monthly bill to make sure you only get charged from your provider. 'Ensure you thoroughly understand charges listed on your phone bill, have chosen to do business with all of the listed providers billing for those charges and have authorized additional fees invoiced.'

If you notice an unusual charge, contact the carrier it came from. The name and toll-free telephone number should be on the bill. If it isn't resolved with a simple phone call, contact your carrier to dispute the charge.


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