Winter is getting closer and the days are getting colder here in Central New York, but how cold can it really get?

Here are the five coldest days in Utica history according to and to make you appreciate the days where record temperatures are not recorded.

5. The warmest of the coldest days on record in Utica was on March 4, 1950 with a temp of -27 degrees.

4. The next warmest day of extreme cold came on February 18, 1979 when temperatures hit -28.

3. Getting colder. The third coldest day ever recorded in Utica was on January 12, 1981 with a temperature of -28 degrees.

2. Are you shivering yet? On January 15, 1957 the mercury dropped to -32.1 degrees!

And the coldest day ever recorded in Utica's history is.......

1. February 9, 1934 with a record low of -34.1 degrees! That's enough to make you want to hide inside of a pile of blankets and never come out!

That's almost as cold as the coldest temperature ever recorded in the entire state of New York, when Old Forge recorded a temp of -52 in February 1979, BEFORE WINDCHILL.

According to reports, Old Forge residents remember hearing trees exploding from the cold!

What's the coldest you can remember Utica being in your lifetime?

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