Tonight is the night all of America has been waiting for. Okay, the night that the 8.3 million viewers of "The Bachelor" have been waiting for. Tonight Sean, the "Born Again Virgin", bachelor must choose whom he is to give the final rose to. Will it be Catherine or will it be Lindsey? Before you get caught up in the emotion consider this.


As of the end of season 16, none of the bachelors has married the woman to whom he presented the final rose. The season 13 bachelor (Jason) ended up marrying his season's runner-up in February 2010; to this point, it is the only Bachelor season thus far to result directly in the bachelor's marriage.

via The Bachelor (U.S. TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ouch! Not what you might call a very good track record for marital bliss. Oh well, you can check out "The Bachelor" finale tonight at 8 on ABC. Watch Sean as he goes through an excruciating minute soul searching to winnow it down to the final two. What emotion! Hand me a puff.

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